WORKSHOP PARTICIPANTS, should try to arrive on Tuesday, October 16 (plane flights are generally cheaper on Tuesdays) and register that evening at the Anacapa Brewing Company on Main Street in Ventura so that you don’t miss the beginning of the workshop on Wednesday morning, October 17.

STONEWORK SYMPOSIUM PARTICIPANTS, should try to arrive on Tuesday, October 23 and register that evening at the CLOCK-TOWER INN in Ventura so that you don’t miss the beginning of the Symposium after lunch on Wednesday, October 24.

Those not near enough to drive have a choice of travel by plane or train. Amtrak trains are a comfortable way to travel and they arrive at Union Station in Los Angeles where trains to Ventura are available (see schedule below).

Flights to Los Angeles (LAX) are easily arranged and remarkably cheap. Those who live near cities served by Southwest Airlines can take advantage of that airline’s lower fares to Los Angeles.

Other options are flying to Santa Barbara (SBA) which is very near Ventura, or flying to Hollywood Burbank (BUR) which is also cheap and has the advantage of an Amtrak station nearby.


Option A) Rental car. Those wishing to share a rental car (and its cost) from the airport to Ventura and back should let us know (, 505-989-4644). Give us your arrival/departure time and we can pair you up with one or two other attendees arriving at about the same time who might also wish to share a car.

Option B) Train. From LAX there is a bus called the Flyaway that will take you to Union Station where you can get the train to the Amtrak station in downtown Ventura which is within walking distance from the CLOCKTOWER INN. This bus costs $9.75, leaves every half hour and takes an hour and 6 minutes to get to Union Station.

Trains from Union Station to Ventura cost $25.70 and leave at 7:35, 9:11, 12:30, 15:06 and 19:16. (No reservations needed.) The trip takes less than two hours. Each train arriving from Los Angeles will be met with a pick-up truck to carry bags to the hotel. South-bound trains will also be met.

Option C) Shuttle. The Ventura County Airporter leaves from LAX Terminal #1. It costs $77 one way. For schedule, contact
See also:

Santa Barbara, just north of Ventura, also has an airport served by both United and American Airlines (Boston to Santa Barbara—$460 Round Trip!).
Rental cars are available there as well, of course. The Roadrunner Shuttle also serves this airport and will take passengers to individual destinations, whether hotel, motel, B&B or campground. It’s $71 for one passenger and $10 for each additional passenger. For shuttle reservations and information:    See also:

Hollywood Burbank Airport is served by several airlines. (Boston to Hollywood Burbank— Round Trip: $300 or less?!) Shuttle service and rental cars to Ventura are also available this airport, but those wishing to travel by train to Ventura need not go to Union Station*. A train ticket costs $22.20 (buy in advance) and trains depart to Ventura at 12:52, 15:28 and 19:38.

*We recommended, BUR, it is a small airport, quickly navigated, and the AMTRAK METROLINK STATION is only a 10-15 minute walk or short taxi ride away (Check schedules to make sure you have time to get to the train station)

As offered at LAX, we are happy to connect folks who might wish to share a rental car (and its cost.)


Ventura has a number of good inexpensive motels along Meta Street and East Thompson Avenue such as the Motel 6, the Vagabond Inn and the Travelers Beach Inn, all of which are close to downtown. Further east there are a few even cheaper motels. There are other hotels in town (the Bella Maggiori on California Street is quite nice with great breakfasts)—and numerous bed and breakfast inns.

The CLOCKTOWER INN is offering discounted rooms for Symposium and Workshop attendees. It is a pleasant place to stay, very convenient to downtown, the beach and the Symposium Venue at the Ventura County Museum in Mission Park. (see map). Also a great location for the October 23rd Rocknockers’ Rendezvous.

Those who wish to share the cost of accommodation with another Symposium attendee but do not have anyone in mind with whom to share can email and we will pair you up with someone else of the same gender if possible. The shared cost would be cheaper than a single motel room.

Couples, and those who already have someone they wish to share with, or those who wish solo accommodation at the discounted price, can make reservations directly with the hotel at 805-652-0141. Tell the clerk you’ll be attending STONEWORK SYMPOSIUM 2018 and you will receive the discounted rate.





Those are the campgrounds closest to Ventura, for a more expansive list visit