Skilled expert dry stone wallers from IRELAND, SCOTLAND, WALES AND CANADA.

The 1st INTERNATIONAL DRY STONE WALLING WORKSHOP STONEWORK took place at SYMPOSIUM 2011 in Ventura. Instructors were from CANADA, IRELAND, WALES and SPAIN. The locale was a pleasant public park overlooking the town. Each instructor supervised the construction of a 25 foot long section of wall in his particular style of walling. Each student had the opportunity to work with each instructor and at the close of the work week, 100 running feet of a wall 8 feet tall (30m x 2.5m) stood proud. It is sometimes referred to as “The Great Wall of Ventura.”

This year we will return to Ventura and extend the wall as far as possible.

above, The built wall and the wall to be built.


We have a GREAT TEAM of INSTRUCTORS. They are all friends and have worked with other in various places on various projects. To be in the company of this group will be, in itself, worthwhile. And instructive.

SEAN ADCOCK from north WALES is an esteemed DSWA/UK certified Master Craftsman. Sean brings an engineers sensibility to the craft. He was in charge of the Opus 40 Restoration Project (which was run as a master class), has led other Stone Foundation Walling Workshops and was an instructor in the 1st INTERNATIONAL DRY STONE WALLING WORKSHOP in 2011.

SUNNY WIELER rom Cork, IRELAND is a skilled dry stone waller, artist and designer. He was the co-founder of the Dry Stone Wall Association of Ireland and for five years its Chairman. As well as being an organizer and instructor of stone walling events in his native Ireland, Sunny has, over the years, travelled to a number of other countries to exchange skills and techniques with like minded individuals and organizations passionate about stonework. He will also be a presenter at the Symposium.

DAVID F. WILSON from Perth, SCOTLAND is an accomplished artist/designer known for his impressive dry stone public art installations. His work, which was featured in STONEXUS Magazine number XIV, is well known to Facebook habitues It is of the highest quality.

ERIC LANDMAN from Grand Valley, Ontario, CANADA rounds out the team. Eric is a another skilled and experienced waller/instructor, a man as solid as his walls are. He also happens to be the President of Dry Stone Canada.

There is a lot of artistic ability in this group, but the emphasis of the workshop will be on good, sound, basic dry stone walling. The instructor/trainee ratio will be, as before, approximately 1/4. OTHER INSTRUCTORS from OTHER COUNTRIES will be added if registration warrants it

Note: A few scholarships will be offered. Also available for those with financial constraints: on-site, ‘no-frills’ camping (toilets, security, minimal water, no electricity).


below: The 2011 International Dry Stone Walling Workshop.
Two of the instructors and several students (there were 16) are missing from this photo.

The Wall Diagram