Instructor: Master stone carver Nicholas Fairplay.

Nick’s skills as a carver and as a trainer combined with his personal qualities have made his workshops (this will be his fourth one at a Stonework Symposium) valuable experiences for those who take part in them.

For this workshop Nick has chosen a theme-—the archetypal Green Man motif, the ‘foliate heads’ that were popular with medieval stone carvers. Those interested in taking this workshop would do well to explore the subject and make sketches that they can translate into stone.
(Google search for: Green Man, motif, stone.)

It should be noted that in this workshop hand tools only will be used. For those who need tools we recommend the Trow and Holden Tool Company in Barre, Vermont. There one can order individual tools or a set of hand carving tools for marble and other soft stones—

The workshop will be held at Art City Studios in Ventura, an inspiring place in which to carve. Stone will be provided without charge.

Stone Carving Workshop, Stonework Symposium 2012, Ashevillle, NC


Instructors: Lluc Mir Anguera and several Mallorcan colleagues.

Lluc is a skilled and dedicated ‘marger,’ the Mallorcan term for a builder of dry stone retaining walls, prominent features in the mountainous landscapes of this island off the east coast of Spain. He is also the Founder/Director of the Gremi de Margers de Mallorca, a guild of wallers there.

Lluc came to Ventura in 2011 as the instructor in charge of the Spanish section of the 150 feet long ‘International Dry Stone Wall’ built during the Stonework Symposium that year. He was also an instructor for the Dry Stone Walling Workshop held at the 2007 Stonework Symposium which took place in Mallorca.

The Mallorcan style of dry stone walling is both unique and effective, a dynamic system of building that achieves structural stability through a web of tension that is created by the way individual stones relate to each other. This is explained in detail in an article that appeared in STONEXUS Magazine, number VIII.
Below is a pdf of that article.

Mallorcan dry stone wall by Lluc and others. It is fitting that Lluc and his colleagues bring Mallorcan walling to Ventura, because Friar Junipero Serra, who founded the San Buenaventura Mission and the town that grew around it in 1782—was from Mallorca. Reflections on Equilibrium - Dry Stone Walls of Mallorca
mallorcaDryStoneSnx8 .pdf